The New Media Arts Exhibition 2011

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Sixty Inches from Center write up on Satellite

Michael Smith performing at Satellite 2011


Where is Satellite?

Look for Artist’s work along Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square. There will be signs posted in front of the gallery spaces and here is a printable Google map (also, viewable by smartphone).

Milwaukee Avenue New Media Artlab Presents:

New Media Arts Exhibition

Curated by Ryan Scheidt & Jenn Grossman

In our current culture, we are all virtually connected by invisible webs of communication; social networks, wireless networks, email, the internet, or instant messaging, and are constantly bombarded by all forms of media and new technologies. How does living in this multi-faceted environment influence what artists create?

As art can now exist in a number of virtual or physical spaces simultaneously, does the concept of designated gallery space become less important?  Artists themselves can work under a virtual online persona or invent systems that will virtually “create” artwork for the artist, based on randomly chosen presets. They can also reinvent the functions of media that have been traditionally used in one way for decades. Satellite will focus on artists that respond to living and creating new works of art with these notions in the forefront of their minds.

Satellite includes time-based, experiential installations/performances that will exist both amidst other exhibits and independently throughout the festival, yet contribute to the meta-exhibition as a whole.

At its core, Satellite is an exhibition of New Media Art. You can check out the artists featured in this year’s exhibition by clicking on the “Artists” Tab.