The New Media Arts Exhibition 2011

madpalX & eyeball kid

Image of "TAG002" by madpalx & eyeball kid

TAG002, 2011
postcards, tags, performance t-shirts, hats, F2F conversation, and printed  media, online art gallery

By employing conventional promotional materials (e.g. postcards, tags and t-shirts) madpalx & eyeball kid link audiences to their artwork by using mobile phone technology. Audiences discover the duo’s work with a free App (available to all smartphones) which is able to scan “tags” using the viewer’s own in-phone camera. The tag then navigates the phone to a digital slideshow of the artists’ gallery.
TAG002 is a double exhibition of madpalx’s “six degrees of separation” and eyeball kid’s “National Park Series”. View them for your yourself at the urls below or use your smartphone to scan tag 002.

David Bechtol
Nancy Bechtol


One response

  1. nancy bechtol

    this may be a first in this virtual art genre!

    July 21, 2011 at 12:20 am

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