The New Media Arts Exhibition 2011

Anthony Zahner

unmodified, digital image “7:08”, 2010

Z00 Lights Series, 2008-2011
Unmodified Digital Photographs

For the 2011 Milwaukee Art Festival, I am presenting a slide show of over 150+ images from a single event, the Christmas light festival that is held every year at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

These images present an original, personal perspective of a particular place at a particular moment in time- Lincoln Park Zoo during its holiday Festival of Lights.  They are created by tuning out all other all other distractions and concentrating only on the light source itself in relation to movement of the camera.  The result is a glimpse of a reality that one experiences but could never distinguish without the camera’s eye.  These images are exactly as they were captured by the camera- no elaborate sets, staging, or digital manipulation were used in their creation or their presentation.   I use only my surroundings and my understanding of how light, color, and form translate into a single digital representation with the goal of creating compelling imagery that rises above its context to offer an alternate understanding of reality.

Anthony Zahner’s portfolio website ::


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